The first few hours with iPad

Well… I couldn’t resist and was pleasantly surprised to find that our local Apple reseller had more than enough stock for everyone to go around (before 9:00am at least!)

It is very good.

All the built-in apps are very fast on both WiFi and using Telstra’s iPad 3G coverage.

Watching movies is easy and I think will fit right into my lifestyle just fine.

The larger keyboard is big enough that you can just about touch type on it if you remember that not all the keys are where your fingers remember them to be, and you can’t rest your fingers on the home keys (thanks Mrs Nathan!)

All in all – a great piece of kit by Apple and something that I can see having more and more practical use in both businesses and homes, not just as the next cool toy Apple developed, but as a “changer”.

I might get around to posting some more as I get more familiar with it and work out some of the more fun ins and outs.