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  • macOS Catalina is Coming

    While there is still no official release date for Catalina, macOS 10.15 is coming soon. There are plenty of new features and enhancements included in Catalina; for more information, check out Apple page: However, there are also some significant changes coming, including the end of 32-bit applications, and support for 32-bit applications. This has […]

  • Removing Adobe AIR properly from macOS

    I have been doing a bunch of FortiGate deployments and finally decided to enroll my instance of FortiClient on my daily driver to my firewall at home. Upon doing so, I did a vulnerability scan just out of interest. The only issue identified was Adobe AIR. Now, like most people, I haven’t been using Adobe […]

  • IKEv2 VPN on macOS and iOS

    I have been working on an improved and more stable VPN option for macOS users since the demise of PPtP. My personal preference is for an improved firewall experience using UTM appliances like FortiGate and then leveraging SSLVPN, as it seems to work from a large majority of locations and internet connection types. However, the […]

  • Mail’s Related Messages view

    A customer just asked about the new conversation view in OS X Lion’s The messages are all displayed together, and there is a link to display the related content at the bottom of each message. There is a menu option under the View menu, “Show Related Messages”, which will put your sent items in-line. […]

  • Useful Lion Window Keys

    So… following along in Twitter yesterday, and the following tweets turned up: Nifty little feature in Lion: hold Option and resize a window and do the same only hold shift. Very nice work, Apple.

  • OS X Lion Server and Schools

    Another interesting article… this time about implementing OS X Lion Server in a school, and some of the newer features incorporated in Lion Server. Lion Server, MDM and a New Philosophy of Client Management

  • OS X Lion and Cisco VPN Connectivity

    My mate John has written a decent article on Cisco VPN connectivity with Lion. As he didn’t have the latest Cisco VPN Client when he upgraded to Lion, this was a great “workaround”.

  • Lion and rebuilding your Mac

    Saw this article this morning, originally on Slashdot, but referred to on a couple of other sites as well. Basically, it is the SysAdmin’s method for getting Lion onto a USB stick for stand-alone reinstalls. Article is here.

  • Mac OS X Server Certificates and Kerio

    I was trying to be a little generic and generated the CSR for an SSL certificate for a clients’ new Kerio Connect mail server using the built-in Certificates functionality within Mac OS X Server Admin. Once the certificate has been signed, it was very easy to import the signed certificate back into Mac OS X […]

  • Mac OS X OpenDirectory Corruption

    Had some issues with OpenDirectory a little while ago and thought I would publish the outcome so someone else can learn from what I found! mkdir ~/ldap-rescue # create convenient directory sudo slapcat -l ldif # create text file from slapd database cd /var/db/openldap # move to openldap directory sudo su mv openldap-data openldap-data-old # […]

  • Issues with iTunes 10.1 and iPhoto 9.1

    A lot of people are reporting issues with iTunes and iPhoto and the annoying “Allow/Deny” Firewall prompts. In a Terminal window, try this: $ codesign -v /Applications/ /Applications/ a sealed resource is missing or invalid As an aside, I also checked my copy of iPhoto 9… same thing: $ codesign -v /Applications/ /Applications/ a sealed […]

  • Apple Mail 4.0 and IMAP

    Check out this reference page on the Google Apps help site:

  • iPhone and iPad with Google Calendars

    After having spent an hour or two trying to find the right answer, I found the easiest and most beautiful solution as the following : 1. Follow Google’s instructions to setup your main account using Exchange protocol. 2. On your iPhone or iPad, launch Safari and go to – don’t forget to choose English […]

  • The first few hours with iPad

    Well… I couldn’t resist and was pleasantly surprised to find that our local Apple reseller had more than enough stock for everyone to go around (before 9:00am at least!) It is very good. All the built-in apps are very fast on both WiFi and using Telstra’s iPad 3G coverage. Watching movies is easy and I […]

  • Using Preview to merge and create multi-page PDFs

    The in 10.5 and newer has many new features. One that appears to be undocumented, however, is the creation (merging) of multi-page PDF documents. It’s simple: Use Preview to open up the two PDFs you would like to merge. Choose View » Show Sidebar (or click the Sidebar button). Make sure both PDFs are […]