LaCie 2Big Network 2 Data Recovery – An Update

So, after working on the LaCie recovery nearly 4 years, I quickly jotted up some notes in case anyone else ran into the same troubles I did.

Well… I am happy (or sad) to say they did… an anonymous web tech nerd emailed me over the weekend, thanking me for the original article and offering up some further details on their recovery:

Remove both hard disks from the NAS
Install both drives in a desktop PC
Start Ubuntu from a LiveCD
Start a Terminal window and then
sudo bash

Install mdadm
sudo apt-get mdadm

Install LVM2
sudo apt-get lvm2

Scan the drives to identify the RAID members
sudo lvmdiskscan

Mount the largest partition

sudo mount /dev/vg/lv /mnt

All the shared data is now under /mnt/shares.

I would like to make the procedure accessible to other.  I think your blog would be the right place for that.

I went back to the individual to ask if they wanted credit… the reply follows:

I’d rather be anonymous. I’m happy to help others who bought the same crap out of the misery :)

There you have it… nearly 4 years on and still helping people!