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  • LaCie 2Big Network 2 Data Recovery – An Update

    So, after working on the LaCie recovery nearly 4 years, I quickly jotted up some notes in case anyone else ran into the same troubles I did. Well… I am happy (or sad) to say they did… an anonymous web tech nerd emailed me over the weekend, thanking me for the original article and offering…

  • LaCie 2Big Network 2 Data Recovery

    While working on-site with a customer, I was attempting to upgrade the firmware in the LaCie 2Big Network 2 NAS. These units have a bit of a reputation for issues after upgrading the firmware, and this one was no exception. After applying the update, the web interface displayed a messages along the lines of “completion…

  • Load Testing with Siege

    I have been doing some web-site/load-balancer load testing with siege ( and this is a screenshot of the load on the testing server:

  • Interrupted Yum Install Processs

    I was patching a RedHat server that managed to get itself all confused when it was installing patches. I was able to stop the “yum update” process and restart it from where it virtually left off with following: “yum clean all” “yum update” When you run the “yum update” command, you will likely get some…

  • Debian Key Updates

    If you are trying to do a Debian “apt-get update” or equiv. and you get a key issue… try the following commands: gpg –keyserver –recv-key 9AA38DCD55BE302B gpg -a –export 9AA38DCD55BE302B | sudo apt-key add – Note you might need to change the key identifier to get the particular key you are missing!

  • Debian Linux and SunFire T2000

    Well… with a Friday afternoon to spare, I have taken the plunge and decided to nut out all the implications for installing Linux on a SunFire T2000.

  • RHN and Yum Errors – RedHat

    If you get a response similar to this: [root@lxprx025 ~]# yum update Loading “rhnplugin” plugin Loading “installonlyn” plugin Setting up Update Process Setting up repositories rhel-i386-server-5 100% |=========================| 1.4 kB 00:00 rhel-i386-server-vt-5 100% |=========================| 1.4 kB 00:00 rhn-tools-rhel-i386-serve 100% |=========================| 1.2 kB 00:00 Reading repository metadata in from local files primary.xml.gz 100% |=========================| 1.1 MB…