Category: Software

  • WordPress 3.9 Is Out

    The latest build of the awesome CMS WordPress is now available. If you have a modern hosting solution and are running one of the newer builds of WordPress, the update should be automatic for your site. Make sure you check all of your plugins for compatibility and ensure that they are also up-to-date. More information […]

  • Confluence 5.0 is out now!

    Confluence 5 has been released today. Meet the all-new, redesigned Confluence – the result of months of tireless planning, user testing, and pixel-by-pixel optimization. You’re going to love it. Check out the Atlassian blog here.

  • MYOB Tax Tables

    If you are running MYOB or QuickBooks on the Mac or Windows and need to update the tax tables to comply with the changes to tax rates, but don’t want to upgrade to the latest version of MYOB and pay the high price for the MYOB Cover agreement, check out these guys: These guys […]

  • Confluence 4.2 Has Been Released

    Confluence 4.2 has been released today with heaps of new features and functionality. There is an improved content creation with Page Layouts. There are is now more support for social collaboration with Confluence “Likes” and “What’s Popular”. Quick Comments allow you to quickly comment on content and share feedback. The new visual Page Layouts features […]

  • Confluence 4.1 is now available

    The latest release of Confluence, 4.1, is now available for download from Atlassian. I have already updated one site using Confluence, and the AANDCP Wiki will be updated over the next couple of days.

  • Confluence 4.0 is now available

    The team at Atlassian have just released version 4.0 of their fantastic Wiki platform, Confluence. You can find out more information here: Faster. Richer. Simpler. A new standard in content collaboration. We have already downloaded the upgrade (as we have been using Confluence for a year or so now for documentation) and installed it without […]

  • Campaign Monitor + Rails = Awesomeness

    Once you have Rails up and going on Mac OS X Server, you can add useful plugins to extend the functionality and perform some useful tasks. One such solution would be to integrate with Campaign Monitor so you can subscribe new users/members/shoppers to lists within Campaign Monitor for later mail-outs. Start by adding some extra […]

  • MIME Decoding of a screwed up email message

    On a server I run for a customer, I have MailScanner (don’t flame me.. it works!) configure to parse their incoming email. Anyway, one of their messages got clobbered by MailScanner and rather than quarantining the attachments as it normally does, it quarantined the whole message, and they needed the file from within the message.

  • Windows Administrator Local Logon Issue

    If you get yourself in the unfortunate position of having changed the privileges of Administrator such that you can no longer log in as Administrator either locally or as a service… check this out! There is a way around, given that you’ve got another Windows machine you can put the hard drive into. Warning: this […]