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  • Shift “S” and Mac OS X

    One of my friends just chatted me online – the “Shift-S” keyboard sequence wasn’t working. The “s” key works normally, it works with “Caps Lock, s”, but just not with either of the Shift keys. I suggested that she unplug and replug the keyboard, and eventually I resigned to even rebooting the Mac. Turns out…

  • SSH Agent and Leopard

    Found this neat summary of the problems that stem from using the SSH on Mac OS X 10.4 and then upgrading to 10.5. Basically, just check your ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist file and make sure that the SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment is no longer set. Then just log out and log back in again!

  • MacBook Pro Insomnia

    I was just reading one of my favourite hard-core Mac techie blogs from Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch and I found this article… hope it helps someone that has issues with their new MacBook Pro (and I suspect it might help 15″ users as well!) All credit goes to Jonathon Rentzsch.

  • How to rebuild software RAID on Mac OS X

    Mac OS X: How to rebuild a software RAID mirror Found this great article on the Apple Knowledge Base… just in case anyone else runs into the same problems.

  • LaunchDaemons and Mac OS X – OpenVPN as an example

    LaunchDaemons are the new “init” for Mac OS X 10.4 onward. I have successfully used it to start and run OpenVPN on Mac OS X 10.4 Server. Below is the .plist file I created to start and run OpenVPN on Mac OS X 10.4 Label org.openvpn OnDemand Program /usr/local/sbin/openvpn ProgramArguments openvpn –config openvpn.conf RunAtLoad TimeOut…

  • Mac OS X clients and Windows Server 2003

    Check out this link: I didn’t have to search for 6 months, but it is still hard to found out there on the net.

  • Issues with BigPond Broadband Wireless Crashing on a Mac

    I have been working with a consultant who has been travelling around the country with a roadshow and hasn’t been able to get his Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband card working on the new Telstra NextG Network. I had a look at it this morning and checked everything… very weird symptoms – the software would start…

  • Making ISOs from DMG files

    If you download a DMG file and need to write it to a CD or DVD but don’t have the necessary drive on your Mac, you can convert it to the Window’s friendly ISO format using the hdiutil command. The hdiutil command is only available in Mac OSX so these steps must be performed on…