Issues with BigPond Broadband Wireless Crashing on a Mac

I have been working with a consultant who has been travelling around the country with a roadshow and hasn’t been able to get his Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband card working on the new Telstra NextG Network.

I had a look at it this morning and checked everything… very weird symptoms – the software would start without the card inserted, but as soon as the card was inserted and the sofftware tried to register the card on the network, it would crash the application and bring up the usual “crashed unexpectedly” dialog. A look at the debug details in the crash report and it showed the software failing in part of the BigPond software.

I checked the BigPond site here and found there was a new version of the software.

What that site doesn’t tell you is that you can’t just upgrade and expect it to work. Once the software was “upgraded” by the new Installer package, I went to the ~/Library/Preferences directory and removed all of the com.bigpond.* files.

Hey presto – the card registered with the network and connects and runs fine.