WordPress S3 Module for Media Content Migration

I have just installed and configured this great Amazon S3 content management module for a site with 15K+ visits per day.

The great work done by the developer was definitely worth the contribution made, and it was easy enough to understand and improve upon.

So I did… I have a development build of the module available that includes support for a CloudFront URL if applicable, allowing use of the full suite of Amazon’s CDN for content delivery around the work. The site I installed it on has readers everywhere and this is a good chance to have a look at what’s possible with Amazon S3 and CloudFront, and how it can be integrated with WordPress.

If anyone has ideas on further extending the module, let me know… the current list of improvements I am thinking about making, possibly in conjunction with the original developer (who I am still waiting to hear back from) include detection of available S3 buckets, template elements as well as post media, and possibly some integration with or extension to provide support for a WP-Super-Cache -style static template elements like JS and CSS to be delivered by the Amazon CDN as well.

Post a comment if you have any ideas!