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  • Lion and rebuilding your Mac

    Saw this article this morning, originally on Slashdot, but referred to on a couple of other sites as well. Basically, it is the SysAdmin’s method for getting Lion onto a USB stick for stand-alone reinstalls. Article is here.

  • Mac OS X OpenDirectory Corruption

    Had some issues with OpenDirectory a little while ago and thought I would publish the outcome so someone else can learn from what I found! mkdir ~/ldap-rescue # create convenient directory sudo slapcat -l ldif # create text file from slapd database cd /var/db/openldap # move to openldap directory sudo su mv openldap-data openldap-data-old #…

  • Issues with iTunes 10.1 and iPhoto 9.1

    A lot of people are reporting issues with iTunes and iPhoto and the annoying “Allow/Deny” Firewall prompts. In a Terminal window, try this: $ codesign -v /Applications/iTunes.app /Applications/iTunes.app: a sealed resource is missing or invalid As an aside, I also checked my copy of iPhoto 9… same thing: $ codesign -v /Applications/iPhoto.app/ /Applications/iPhoto.app/: a sealed…

  • Snow Leopard Mail “Copy Address” Preferences

    After being frustrated about the “Copy Address” function within Mail 4 in Mac OS X 10.6, I have found a solution: http://macdaddyworld.com/2009/09/14/fixing-copy-address-in-mail-on-10-6 Basically, the trick is to go to Terminal and do the following: defaults write com.apple.mail AddressesIncludeNameOnPasteboard -bool NO Hope that helps someone!

  • Shift “S” and Mac OS X

    One of my friends just chatted me online – the “Shift-S” keyboard sequence wasn’t working. The “s” key works normally, it works with “Caps Lock, s”, but just not with either of the Shift keys. I suggested that she unplug and replug the keyboard, and eventually I resigned to even rebooting the Mac. Turns out…