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  • Mail’s Related Messages view

    A customer just asked about the new conversation view in OS X Lion’s Mail.app. The messages are all displayed together, and there is a link to display the related content at the bottom of each message. There is a menu option under the View menu, “Show Related Messages”, which will put your sent items in-line.…

  • Useful Lion Window Keys

    So… following along in Twitter yesterday, and the following tweets turned up: Nifty little feature in Lion: hold Option and resize a window and do the same only hold shift. Very nice work, Apple.

  • OS X Lion Server and Schools

    Another interesting article… this time about implementing OS X Lion Server in a school, and some of the newer features incorporated in Lion Server. Lion Server, MDM and a New Philosophy of Client Management

  • OS X Lion and Cisco VPN Connectivity

    My mate John has written a decent article on Cisco VPN connectivity with Lion. As he didn’t have the latest Cisco VPN Client when he upgraded to Lion, this was a great “workaround”. http://www.uprun.com/blog/2011/7/24/cisco-vpn-client-wont-work-with-lion.html

  • Lion and rebuilding your Mac

    Saw this article this morning, originally on Slashdot, but referred to on a couple of other sites as well. Basically, it is the SysAdmin’s method for getting Lion onto a USB stick for stand-alone reinstalls. Article is here.