Google is changing… mobile-friendly sites

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Mobility is king… and Google is changing along with the way we use the web. It’s probably the most significant change that Google Inc. has ever made to its mobile search rankings, according to Matt McGee, editor-in-chief for Search Engine Land, a trade publication that follows every tweak that the company makes to its

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Google’s Response to the outage on 24/01/2014

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You can find the details here:

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AANDCP IT Solutions is a Google Apps Authorised Reseller

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AANDCP IT Solutions is a Google Apps Authorised Reseller. If you and your organisation would like to migrate to Google Apps, please contact AANDCP IT Solutions. We will set you up with a trial, assist you with migration from your existing platform and help you fully integrate Google’s platforms and solutions into your school, business

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iPhone and iPad with Google Calendars

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After having spent an hour or two trying to find the right answer, I found the easiest and most beautiful solution as the following : 1. Follow Google’s instructions to setup your main account using Exchange protocol. 2. On your iPhone or iPad, launch Safari and go to – don’t forget to choose English

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