suPHP and Plesk 8

For anyone struggling with getting suPHP and Plesk 8 happening together – I have a solution.

I have found this excellent, although slightly out-dated, article.

While it was pretty much spot on the money, I will add a couple of pointers.

Firstly – the latest RPMs can be downloaded from here. The article points to an older release on RHEL3 – I needed one on RHEL4 and the latest stable version.

Secondly – if you are trying to host something like PickPic (check it out here!), this is most definitely the solution for you.

The guys (and gals I assume) at PickPic have been very helpful… they were adamant that uploading files with 777 permissions was a bad idea and that we should really work towards a better solution. This article… way too many pages deep in a Google search in my opinion… is that solution.

I am just waiting for my hosting customer to check back with PickPic and let me know whether it is all now working for them.  Fingers crossed, prayers said, etc etc!

I am awaiting on a confirmation from the other guy to see if I can reproduce the content of his post here!