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  • OS X Lion Server and Schools

    Another interesting article… this time about implementing OS X Lion Server in a school, and some of the newer features incorporated in Lion Server. Lion Server, MDM and a New Philosophy of Client Management

  • OS X Lion and Cisco VPN Connectivity

    My mate John has written a decent article on Cisco VPN connectivity with Lion. As he didn’t have the latest Cisco VPN Client when he upgraded to Lion, this was a great “workaround”. http://www.uprun.com/blog/2011/7/24/cisco-vpn-client-wont-work-with-lion.html

  • The Likability of Angry Birds


  • Lion and rebuilding your Mac

    Saw this article this morning, originally on Slashdot, but referred to on a couple of other sites as well. Basically, it is the SysAdmin’s method for getting Lion onto a USB stick for stand-alone reinstalls. Article is here.

  • A quick theme change

    Sorry for the inconvenience with the bad theme… I tend to only use the backend of WordPress to post content etc, and wrongly, rarely check the front page for functionality. I have done some more digging on the old theme I was using and have switched back to the default WordPress theme for WordPress 3.2.…

  • OpenVPN 2 Cookbook: a book from Packt Publishing

    From the Packt website: OpenVPN 2 Cookbook provides solutions to common OpenVPN problems. The book covers everything a system administrator needs to manage and run an OpenVPN network, from point to point networks to troubleshooting. OpenVPN 2 Cookbook offers all the information you need to successfully manage your network. Covering all the common networks, including…

  • Fortinet IPv6 Tunnel with HE.net

    After spending some time working on IPv6 using the MikroTik, I thought I would expand my horizons and suss out other networking devices that might lend themselves to IPv6 connectivity… initially with tunnels, but then also as a directly connected device. A FortiGate 60B looked like a good place to start. There is a lot…

  • IPv6 Readiness

    Well… it’s official… the AANDCP IT Solutions home office is now connected to the Internet via IPv6 using Hurricane Electric’s TunnelBroker solution. It works great… have carried out some basic testing with Google, FaceBook, and a handful of IPv6 only websites. The MikroTik routers that I use proved to be especially easy to get going!

  • Mac OS X Server Certificates and Kerio

    I was trying to be a little generic and generated the CSR for an SSL certificate for a clients’ new Kerio Connect mail server using the built-in Certificates functionality within Mac OS X Server Admin. Once the certificate has been signed, it was very easy to import the signed certificate back into Mac OS X…

  • Mac OS X OpenDirectory Corruption

    Had some issues with OpenDirectory a little while ago and thought I would publish the outcome so someone else can learn from what I found! mkdir ~/ldap-rescue # create convenient directory sudo slapcat -l ldif # create text file from slapd database cd /var/db/openldap # move to openldap directory sudo su mv openldap-data openldap-data-old #…

  • AANDCP IT Solutions is a Google Apps Authorised Reseller

    AANDCP IT Solutions is a Google Apps Authorised Reseller. If you and your organisation would like to migrate to Google Apps, please contact AANDCP IT Solutions. We will set you up with a trial, assist you with migration from your existing platform and help you fully integrate Google’s platforms and solutions into your school, business…

  • Load Testing with Siege

    I have been doing some web-site/load-balancer load testing with siege (http://www.joedog.org/index/siege-home) and this is a screenshot of the load on the testing server:

  • Issues with iTunes 10.1 and iPhoto 9.1

    A lot of people are reporting issues with iTunes and iPhoto and the annoying “Allow/Deny” Firewall prompts. In a Terminal window, try this: $ codesign -v /Applications/iTunes.app /Applications/iTunes.app: a sealed resource is missing or invalid As an aside, I also checked my copy of iPhoto 9… same thing: $ codesign -v /Applications/iPhoto.app/ /Applications/iPhoto.app/: a sealed…

  • WordPress S3 Module for Media Content Migration

    I have just installed and configured this great Amazon S3 content management module for a site with 15K+ visits per day. The great work done by the developer was definitely worth the contribution made, and it was easy enough to understand and improve upon. So I did… I have a development build of the module…

  • WordPress 3.0.1 is out

    WordPress 3.0.1 is out for download and automatic installation. I have already upgraded this site and am working through my customers’ sites as time allows. This maintenance release addresses about 50 minor issues. The testing many of you contributed prior to the release of 3.0 helped make it one of the best and most stable…