OpenVPN Configuration on Mac OS X Server 10.4

I have finally been motivated enough to get a customer’s Mac OS X Server 10.4 machine going with OpenVPN.

I really want to be able to proactively manage the devices on the customer’s site – IP phones, their server and the gateway… both to provide performance management and much faster troubleshooting.

The process is pretty easy and as the days go by, I will finish the documentation on this site.

A couple of handy things that I found useful:
To enable IP forwarding on Mac OS X, use: sudo sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

You will also need the TUN/TAP driver found here:
I am not sure if they are going to add Universal Binary support – if not, I may have to help them and do it – it is a kext so use at your own risk – there are no guarantees that it won’t lock up your machine, but so far, I have been using it on my PowerBook without any issues at all. I will update the site when I get my new MacBook Pro and tell you how well it works with Intel.

OK – enough for today – more updates to this doco soon.