Category: Mac OS X Server

  • OS X Lion Server and Schools

    Another interesting article… this time about implementing OS X Lion Server in a school, and some of the newer features incorporated in Lion Server. Lion Server, MDM and a New Philosophy of Client Management

  • Mac OS X Server Certificates and Kerio

    I was trying to be a little generic and generated the CSR for an SSL certificate for a clients’ new Kerio Connect mail server using the built-in Certificates functionality within Mac OS X Server Admin. Once the certificate has been signed, it was very easy to import the signed certificate back into Mac OS X…

  • Mac OS X OpenDirectory Corruption

    Had some issues with OpenDirectory a little while ago and thought I would publish the outcome so someone else can learn from what I found! mkdir ~/ldap-rescue # create convenient directory sudo slapcat -l ldif # create text file from slapd database cd /var/db/openldap # move to openldap directory sudo su mv openldap-data openldap-data-old #…

  • Ruby and MySQL on Snow Leopard Server

  • Leopard and Snow Leopard Cron Jobs