Amazon CloudFront and media distribution

So I have finally gotten around to setting up an Amazon CloudFront solution for a hosting customer.

Set up an Amazon S3 bucket, upload some content to it (in this case, some .flv files for a film promotion site) and then sign into the AWS console and set up a CloudFront distribution point, selecting the bucket full of content as the source.

You optionally even set up your own CNAMEs to have personalized URLs. Finish setting up the distribution point and get the CloudFront URL and then just create a CNAME entry in your DNS settings for your hosting/DNS.

Wait a few minutes for the CloudFront status to update to “Deployed”.

Once that has happened, update the URLs in your main content site and hey presto… cloud delivery of your content!

My experiences this afternoon have been very positive – the speed is great for the little site I have set up and I think somewhat Digg/Slashdot and national TV exposure proof!

Feel free to comment on your CDN experiences.